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Ahhh i'm gonna revive this month old thread, cause I have nothing else to do

A few days ago I picked up

Excitebike 64 - N64 - in mint condition with all original inserts for £4...I love you Cash Converters
Sonic 2 - MD - 99p
Eternal Champions - MD - 99p
Taz in Escape from Mars - MD - £1.99
Comix Zone - MD- 99p
Micro Machines - MD - £1.99
Super Putty - SNES - £3

Tried to win copy of Zelda for SNES on ebay but outbid in the last second...swines.

My rather sparse collection is here they really need to update their list of Amiga games. Original Monkey Island isn't even on it for Amiga...eep

Does anyone care about all this? Nope. welll blahhhh
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