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Well, I am heavily considering buying a GC, if only for the GBA-GC link. If I buy one I do it next week. But I kind of want to wait and see if they 'pull an N64' on me with this machine. The 3 games released so far are unimpressive, really. Nothing that I really like, so I rather wait a few months and get it when there is great software available. Heck, here it costs less than a PS2 so I dont mind, price can only get better!

BTW I checked that link, RCK, and it seems that's a TV TUNER for the GBA, not a device for seeing the GBA games display on the TV. Or that's what I understood.

Kemco a en effet eut la brillante idée de mettre au point un tuner tv pour GBA (avec antenne intégrée), le "TV Boy" afin que les possesseurs de la portable puissent regarder la télévision que ce soit dans le métro, au bureau ou dans tous les endroits possibles et inimaginables.
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