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Wow, tulip are claiming to try & own all the C64 games again are they, gee I'm shocked.
As we made mention of in a thread about tulips revival ages ago, their hand of friendship always appeared a two edged blade-& Darren Melbourne's interviews insisting sites like Arnold were safe have been exposed for what they're worth.
Gee, I bet the real 1980/90's Commodore wished they knew they "owned" all the games & not the publishers-mightn't have gone broke then!
So will they send backpayments to the likes of Andy Braybrook,the Rowlands & any other ex-developers stiffed by their original publishers?
These idiot men-in-suits deserve to go bankrupt,but I'd hate to see WinVice CCS64,Arnold & old games sites be forced to dissappear or go underground to avoid these slimebags making money off others' efforts.
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