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Originally Posted by redblade
Ok Thanks.

So if you break a game in the middle with a custom made program and then try to resturn the game, and before returning back to the PC you slap in that.

jsr _LVOLoadView(a6)
jsr _LVOWaitTOF(a6)
jsr _LVOWaitTOF(a6)

move.l gb_copinit(a6),d0
move.l d0,$dff080

Will that restore the screen back to its origional self again ?!!?.

clr.w $dff088

doesn't clr.w do a R/W ?!?

Cheers for the pointers people =].
90% of all Amiga games bin the OS on bootup, Rick Dangerous as an example does this also, so if you attempt to access LVO functions, you will crash the computer. If you do it like I said, you won't experience problems.

The Clr.w of $dff088 is there to tell the system of a copperlist change and to activate it, you can do without it, but its good practice to have it.
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