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Quickest way to find the copperlist pointer.

Originally Posted by redblade
Codetapper. Running on a Real A1200std.
btw: any chance for a RNC code cracker on the crunchers =], I dont want to try all the possiblities from $0-$ffff. =]

Thanks for the help Galahad, now I have to hunt for the copperlist on RickD =|.

Type 'R', and make a note of the contents of registers A5 and A6
Then type the following.

R A5 dff000
R A6 dff000

Then type this.

FA dff080 0 80000

This in most cases will then tell you any copperlist pointers. Dissassemble the addresses given by AR and all will be revealed.

Dont forget to restore A5 and A6 before you exit out though
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