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Originally Posted by cebulba
No I ask myself if anybody can provide a webpage dealing with SOFTWARE product catalogues and IN ADDITION I'm looking for a webpage which contents ONLY advertisments...
I know HOL has (mostly) Italian adverts in it's DB, but are there any other sites out there?
If you're wanting ads and software catalogues specifically for Amiga, you won't find a wealth of resources on the net, especially when it comes to catalogues. Only BTTR and Ami Sector One have a significant number of scanned ads AFAIK. As you say, HOL has mostly Italian ads, although a lot more English ones and a handful of German and French ones have been added in recent months. Unfortunately, it's a slow process adding "goodies" like this to game entries. You have to invest the time in finding magazines with the ads in them to start with, and then find the time to scan them at high enough quality and touch them up in a graphics package afterwards (i.e. cropping, bicubic resizing, adjusting contrast/brightness/colour levels etc.). Personally, I find scanning takes up a lot of time since I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to these things. Anyway, keep watching HOL for the addition of scanned ads, reviews, docs, and other goodies in the months to come.

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