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I'm with everyone on this now. At first I though they were just making a few products, like those hideous joystick things. That I could just about accept if they’ve bought the rights. I didn't realise however corporate pricks were going to start stepping all over the "peoples" retro community that's been built up and belongs to us. How many times have we seen this happening? They've missed the golden era of emulation anyway - why not leave the community alone? You can tell some of them realise they are on shaky ground in that statement; trying to play up to the community they are about to exploit.

Well, they are too late so why don't they piss off. Commodore had their day, money was made and the only reason a following and community still exists is because people have devoted free time to the cause. Now paper pushes want a slice of the pie after all the hard work has been done for free!

After reading those comments posted by Akira, it makes me want to puke. Why can't they just leave the community alone? WHY? I would post a long report on this subject, but I know I've been through all this before in a previous post. I'll go and try to dig that out because I can't be arsed to write an analysis of these kinds of situations again...........
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