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Originally Posted by Akira
As you have the law on your side, most people will accept the situation. But what are you going to do with people that still pick (thus steal) your apples as well?
See the apples in my field? They's my apples. And you see the apples in the field over there? That's not my field, but ah reckin they's my apples too. If you wants to pick them there apples, you gotta ask me first.

Originally Posted by Akira
Another point is the makers of hardware like Maurice Randall but also people like Markus Brenner and the Czechs who produce the IDE64. Particulary those who produce hardware that is to be connected to the userport or expansionport. I didn't realise it but these ports are intellectual properties of Commodore as well. So actually anyone building hardware for these ports has to pay C= a fee as well.
Bollocks. Commodore own the RS232 expansion standard, do they? Commodore own the D9 socket? Utter rubbish. Can you imagine what the Amiga hardware market would have been like if every Zorro board manufacturer had to pay a license fee to Commodore? More importantly, I'm certain that it is legal to reverse-engineer hardware to achieve interoperability; I very much doubt that anyone can charge a license to use hardware created independently using legally reverse-engineered IP.

I was initially tempted by this joystick thingy, especially reading about the expansion possibilities and the upgraded capabilities, but reading about Tulip's attitude makes me sick. I'm not giving them anything, and hopefully the Commodore Curse will see them off to an early grave. At the very least they could have followed Amstrad's lead, and made the C64 ROMs freely distributable (cf. the Spectrum ROMs).
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