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It's quite clear that the dickheads behind this are nothing more than buzzworded up thick nimrod bastards. Where else would you see so much BS about fuck all?

- is the official portal to step into the world of Commodore.

- Thanks to these synergies, Commodore will become one of the major players again within the family!

- Commodore fulfills the need where information and entertainment meet.

- Our success can only succeed thanks to a continual improvement in all company areas and offering innovative solutions bringing digital fun to the lives of our customers.

- introducing a solution what will bridge the consumer’s eGap. An eGap is the entertainment Gap in the life of a consumer.

- Commodores’ market approach is based on a solution that simplifies digital fun.

- Commodore is the total solution concept in it’s own unique way.

- Commodore tries to understand his lifestyle and translate this to a personal entertainment solution.

- Commodore will be an A-to-Z solution in the home- and mobile entertainment area.

and the classic:

"The idea is not to offer the consumer only A with hardware, but also offering B and C with the same brand to have the complete picture available."

do what? what's B and C? - did you just write that down as some corporate BS wanker said it????

With that kind of high power bullshit driving on the USB pens and crap mp3 jukeboxes, it can only fail.
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