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Got the fever back
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Looking forward to it Runey.Let me know whenever its done.

I'll wait until Toni releases the next version of winuae before re-doing the script.

As for the games testing, once I get the complete Tosec set I'll work a lot on that. It's probably the thing I enjoy the most. Testing games. Coming across titles you havent seen in years. Good stuff.

Anyways, keep me posted.

Originally Posted by Runey
Thanks for the link andreas.

Mangar I'm just working a a set of 'rules' for doing the game testing etc. I've had a couple of people volunteer their services in that area. I want to get something out before they change their minds I'll send that to you for comment when I'm done. also the changes to the website.

If you feel that the configs being used in the new WinUAE are not likely to change then re-writing the scripts would be good. Otherwise probably best to leave it or else you'll just be doing it all over again.

I've had some new ideas for GameBase too. Just too many thing to think about. Well once the game testing etc has truly began hopefully I can concentrate on that side of things more.
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