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I owned my first A500 still today - was one of the first published in Germany - I sold my AMSTRAD CPC 6128 once the AMIGA was published (cost me 1000 DM!). However I plan to buy an AMSTRAD CPC back in the next weeks...

my AMIGA hardware from that day grows to an A600 HD as it was published and later I got an additional A1200 HD.

I upgraded these over a couple of months with BLIZZARDs cards (for A600 and A1200) and a CD-ROM.

With introducing Ebay I was able to buy a couple of another hardware, too.
My collection today is:
3xA500 (with HD. CD 570 and more)
2 x A600 (with accelerator cards, HD, PCMCIA CD-ROM)
2 x A1200 (with HD, Blizzard and CD-ROM)
1 x CDTV (featuring also originally released black 1084St Monitor)
1 x CD32
1x A2000C (with PC interface card, HD, SCSI port and more).

I'm still planning to get a A4000/40 and/or a A1000.

I also own a ATARI XL 800 and plan to buy a APPLE GS II.

need some more space, and money though

Olli K.

P.S.: Not much problems running OCS/ECS games on A1200...just a few, e.g. I have no keyboard controls for WINGS OF FURY on my A1200 (and therefore can't cheat )
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