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I have A1200 towerized with Blizzard PPC/060 with 64 mb RAM, BVision graphics card (this card rocks, even if it's a tad old), 9 gb HD, yamaha cd-burner and a plextor cd-rom. I used to have an A500, with that i played around for many years, equipping it with an extra floppy drive and extra memory (!). Then i got an A2000 with 6 mb RAM (damn that's plenty ) and HD-controller with 40 mb SCSI HD-drive. With that machine gone i left from Amiga using for some time. Then i really wanted an A1200 for the AGA graphics and all that. Slowly it grew to it's present setup which i'm really pleased of.

To sum it all up:

1 x A1200

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