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Hey Dalai, glad you like it

The paths are a problem and there are several solutions being looked at. Of course a more mature release will be easier to set up.

As for configs. Still being looked at, everything is fluid at this stage . There is only one config. This config is modified on the fly for the individual games. Intially there will be a set of standard options (e.g. A1000, A500, A500+, A1200) which will hopefully work for 90% of games. Games that cause problems can have individual settings tweaked (e.g. Maybe needs fastram or more chipram).

Apart from hardware settings we will need to look at user specific setting. Such as joystick, keyboards etc. Again there are many ways of doing this and all options are being looked at.

It's my plan to release several betas over time so we can iron out all the bugs before a 'fully working' version is released. The betas will only ever contain around 3 games in them for size and simplicity.

Game testing is going to begin soon. If I ever get time to finalise the testing procedures. Whilst other contributers are helping out with the game testing, I will be looking at fixing some of the problems already mentioned. Paths will probably be first along with installers to simplify the setup process.

Also there is a new version of WinUAE coming out (soon?) GameBaseAMY will probably only be compatabile with that release onwards in the future. This is because it handles configs differently.

Oh and Mangar those changes to the GameBase backend are going to be massive (or as James put it biiig biiiig biiiiig ). Being able to get GEMUS to see that information is not so much the problem as is the fact that there just simply isn't room for it at this stage. hmm I just had a thought. I could probably do a tack on specifically for GameBaseAMY rather than a complete rewrite as I had planned. At least then the information would be there but any other emulator (e.g. GameBaseST) couldn't see it. Still a big job, but a lot smaller than what I had planned. hmmm I'll think about it.

Anyway it will still probably be the last thing done as it will probably take months of programming and beta testing. Paths, installation, scripts and configs first I think.

Anyway I'm babbling
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