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Hmm, looks promising. I like the way screenshots and music for each game can be made available. I had to configure about 100 paths, then got stumped on configuring the emulator, since I couldn't look at your settings to see how everything needed to be and couldn't run your settings since the path to the emulator was wrong.

Presumably you'll make all this automatic, with the end users just having to pick their Winuae.exe or folder when installing.

Originally Posted by Mangar
It will require some work but if it works all you would need to do is enter which machine (i.e.A500,A1200,A1000,etc) is required for the game to run.
Is this something like the configs at BTTR, where they have configs for each machine? This doesn't work 100% because of all the strange settings some games need to play properly which aren't necessarily machine specific but rather specific to the game and emulator.
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