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Hmm, which Amiga do I own ?
Just one ?
Well, not really
I think must be something like 25 A-500 and A-500+ of all types ( all 3 different cases, at least 4 different board revs, the 2 designer cases,... )
Also A-1000s, A-3000, A-1200s, A-600s, CDTV and CD-32 piling up here, a Sidecar ( does that count ? ), but no A-2000 and no A-4000. ( don't like these big ones )
A-1500 and A-2500 would be nice, but haven't got these 2.

I think I will have left at least one working Amiga even in 50 years So far my original, new-bought A-500 from '90 is still working and I haven't had to repair it, yet ( now, having that said, I bet it will break down tomorrow.... )
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