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I was a Nintendo fan for a long time (NES, SNES, VirtualBoy) and then, they made the biggest mistake IMHO, they released the N64 !!!! Well, I didn´t know much about it that time, so I bought it with Mario64 and WaveRace... I loaded up Mario64 and played a little while. After an hour or so, my eyes began to hurt from those bright colors (well gameplay was ok) so I changed to WaveRace. No comment on that game I think the problem was, that I allready had a PSX back then and was a bit more Pro Sony, dunno really But I thought : "Oh well, just have to wait, there will be better games in the future ..." but they didn´t come I bought Zelda and yes, I loved it (for a short period of time) any fan of the classic Zelda on GB and SNES COULD NOT love that N64 Zelda ..... and then I recognized : more than 98% of all software titles for the N64 (speaking of colors and sound) are made for children younger than 6 years. I don´t think thats a good marketing strategy anyway IMHO the ONLY EXCELLENT game on N64 is GOLDEN EYE (ok, Perfect Dark was nice too) .... these are the only games NOT designed for little kids and also showed, which potential the N64 hardware has !!! Then came the GBA and I think it rox, more gameplay, less bright colors (well, MOSTLY)...... now there will be the GC and I think it will suffer a slow painfull death, just like the N64 ...... Nintendo WILL go down (this is not because I hate them or so, please don´t misunderstand, I think Nintendo WAS a great company, that brought some really kewl gaming systems to the world), they must admit, that it´s time to go the SEGA way, definitely ....
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