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Thanks everybody for your feedback.

Don't praise me too much Andreas. All I really did was put together everybody elses hard work. Though it took me this long because I wanted to understand what I was actually throwing together.
The problem with paths is being looked at. The main reason this 'version' puts the games inside the WinUAE directory is because WinUAE can handle relative paths where GameBase cannot. That's one thing I need to look at. If I can change GameBase so it can handle relative paths then that will help some problems.

I also have to change the way GameBase handles games over multiple disks. Currently it can't understand the TOSEC naming convention and therefore only recognises one disk. I've cheated to get the beta version working

Well I think Mangar answered all the other questions / feedback. Oh and you can thank him for the incredible script that makes this whole thing work

Keep that feedback coming. The more the better.
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