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Eek HD-Installers no longer legal in certain areas????

In case no-one's visited Aminet as of late, yours truly noticed this alarming piece (labelled the "Message of the Day") over at the German Aminet joint:

HD INSTALLERS REMOVED. Due to changes in copyright, harddisk installers of commercial programs no longer seem to be legal in several countries. They have been removed.
Although I've checked the game/patch section, and bizarrely there still seem to be many HD-installers available for download and everything. They also exist over at, although I couldn't seem to find the above message over at that particular mirror (or maybe I'm just not looking hard enough, heh).

The GAGE has also been modified slightly very recently because of this supposed change of copyright somewhere. Are there any more details regarding this copyright/sudden-change-of-law, whether the JST and/or WHDLoad sites will be affected in any way by this, and exactly which HD-Installers were wiped off Aminet, if any? This just seems damn fishy.
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