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I had a joystick called Maverick. Or rather it was an arcadestick with two buttons only. It was great for SWOS. I also loved the Zip-sticks, or rather the Competition Pro 5000. Those were the ultimate. IMO Zip-sticks felt like a cheap impression of the Competition Pro 5000. I bought that one in Germany when I was on vacation there. I wish I still had one of those.

So, it was the Maverick and the Competition Pro 5000 that made it for me. Those were the best joysticks I ever handled. Too bad I went nuts one day over losing in SWOS, and I utterly grinded my Maverick to pieces. You can only guess how much my cousin laughed that time. He usually don't like soccer games, but that one is one of his fondest memories. Oh, the shame...
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