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You gotta be kidding. It's easier to list my top10 amiga games than my top10 8 bits games. All my fav games were on the 8 bits era.

Where should I begin?

Elite, Dig-Dug(Arc), Beamrider(MSX), Space Manbow(MSX), Gyruss(Arc), Moon Patrol(Arc), Eggerland Mystery(MSX), Adventure of Lolo(NES), Treasure of USAS (MSX), Aleste 1&2 (MSX), Zanac (NES), Soldier Blade(PC-Engine), The Castle(MSX), Salamander(Arc), Metal Gear(MSX), Bubble Bobble (Arc), Pitfall2 (Atari2600), Bank Panic(Arcade), Hype(MSX), Knightmare(MSX)... and I could go on for a while. And those aren't just games I think they are good, but games that I TRULY LOVE.

Most of the games listed as arcade games I probably played first in some home version (In most cases, the MSX version)

Some interesting games on other people list too.

The Lucky Dime Caper on Burseg's list: this is an awesome platform game that deserved to be more known.

Laser Squad on ManicX's list: Still one of the few strategy games I enjoy playing even today.

Lazy Jones on Mangar's list: OHH, I had hundred of hours of fun with this game. The music was great also.
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