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Originally Posted by Shatterhand
And right now I read a feature in a gaming site about the next Nintendo home console, and Nintendo's president saying that "The games industry is going through a crisis, and this crisis won't be solved with newer technology, but with a revolution on gameplay. We don't need nextgen technology, what we need is nextgen gameplay".

Take that as a sincere speech from someone who understands gaming, or as a desperate speech from someone who sees Nintendo can't compete with Sony anymore
Nintendo doesn't have the cash to spend to beat Sony on hardware alone. Hell the PSX and PSX2 have kept Sony afloat for years, which is why they spend so much to keeping the unit selling.

I don't see how Nintendo can revolutionise gameplay on a new console since you dont need anything powerful for "gameplay" to begin with. lots of software developers have been caught up in the better graphics department ever since gaming got off the ground with the c64/apple II/Atari 800 allowing for decent graphics. From then till now there have been great gaming titles and utter crap with nice looking graphics. Long gone are the days all games HAD to look alike because the atari 2600 didnt have the horsepower or the memory to do better. Still E.T. and Riverraid were both made for the 2600 and had vastly different gameplay.
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