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Smile My five

Geezz.. This is a tough one and I'm sure there are some I've forgotten. Anyway, here goes:

5. GRAVITY POWER (Amiga Power version of Gravity Force) - My friend and I always used to play this after school (back in the day) - Lots of fun!

4. THE SETTLERS - Pretty much the same as the above, most enjoyed with a friend, needed two mice though. Stayed up to the early hours of the morning despite having to get up for school the next day!

3. CANNON FODDER - Yay, need I say more.. Later levels were difficult to say the least!

2. BIRDS OF PREY - Loved this flight sim, plenty of depth, I think you could choose from over 40+ aircraft!?

1. SWOS - This game kept me going for YEARS!!!! One of the best footy games of all time!

Sex Olympics was quite cool but doesnt quite make my Top 5. There were plenty more games I enjoyed but they are the ones I can think of at this moment in time
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