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Kids get back into "oldschool" Golden Gaming

Forgot to mention this guys. Proof that old-school “pickup and play”, instantly addictive games are timeless! They represent the true art of gaming and no instruction manual in sight!

Decided to drop into a large computer store last week when the kids were off and it certainly brought a smile to my face.

Out of all the machines set-up (playstations, x-boxes, gamecubes etc) the vast majority of kids were playing on those 10 retro games in one joystick things. At first I thought they’d just be taking the piss, but I soon discovered THEY WERE LOVING IT! Not joking, these mini-peeps were absolutely glued on games like pacman and dig-dug, trying to frantically beat each others score and arguing who was going to get the next go. Totally reminded me of when I was kicking my parents arse at Jelly Monsters on the Vic-20 at the age of 6. Or was it 5?

Poor next gen consoles - it was ghost town for them that day. Kids were having a go on them, getting pissed off with the controls or becoming board with what seemed like a "seen it all before" attitude, then wandered off far sooner than the group playing the classics.

So love em or hate em, these games in a joystick things are bringing old school back to the kids. Personally I have no use for them. It's also a shame none of them are upgradeable and retain 2-player as an option. Through their novel concept however kids of today (who are unlikely to use emus) are enjoying good old retrogaming!
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