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Twintris - Shareware,Freeware or Commercial title??

Im almost everyday in HOL looking for games,.. man Im addicted. I enjoy like a mad.

Ive seen there are also PD/Shareware games apart of commercial titles. But Im surprised there isnt Twintris , that game was one of the more played at my home by me and my brothers (and we were five at the time, apart of my three nephews and our friends =) )

it was a a Tetris-clone but I guess was one of the firsts having two players on screen option and,.. the most memorable thing to me: super cool earthquakes when you made lines.. haha you disturbed the other player when you made three or four lines at a time..

The game also had very nice tunes typical from amiga demoscene, (I guess a pal from Kefrens). it was very professional made. I guess even there was a commercial release, but maybe Im mistaked

well, the point is that that game itsnt in HOL,.. anybody of you knew it?? should be included??
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