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Everything that is considered a 'technical' configuration will preferably NOT be user configurable. At least at first. I guess the idea is to make it as simple as possible, even for people who have never owned an Amiga. That of course could change if needs to be, maybe an Advanced mode?, but fiddling with configs is one thing I wanted the users to avoid.

As for other 'non-technical' items such as keyboard layouts that will have to be different. That is a very personal choice and needs to be allowed for. I myself have a modified WICO command control and would be spewing if I could no longer use it However if this causes us too much grief it will have to wait until a second release.

The upcoming? release of WinUAE mentioned before would certianly go a loooong way the make all these things easier. I have all the confidence in the world that Mangar will come to our rescue

Just for interests sake can people let me know their preferred resolution and whether you normally run in full screen or windowed. For me I've found 640 x 480 x 16 running full screen works best. It seems to center automatically fairly well.

Another thing I need to know is what file format people would prefer the music files to be in. And I would appreciate anybody who knows how to convert between formats and / or rip game music directly to contact me.
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