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We've done SOOO many threads like this in the past and the conclusion is always the same - surely I speak for everyone when I say it's IMPOSSIBLE to choose only 5 games and feel like it's your definite list. "Top" lists are so subjective and I rate so many games as equal after careful assessment.

Look back at this thread for example!

How many will dish out exactly the same top five they did several months ago?

I agree with the vast majority of these lists posted so far! Great games!

I'll repeat my statements and of course end with a different top five to the one I posted back then!

I HATE threads like this - it's just too darn hard creating a list. Apart from the number 1 choice, I'm sure my top games differ every time I list them out.

Ok, here we go.

*Scratches head and changes mind several thousand times*

Well, today my top list will be:

1. Bloodwych (2 player)

2. F1GP (Sub Games that could be invented plus I was a GP fan at the time)

3. Populous (Link play)

4. Stunt Car Racer (Link Play)

5. Bubble Bobble
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