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Wow, lots of votes! This is great!

Some notes, as this thing is being run along APoV lines of transparency and fairness: I update the chart immediately upon the receipt of a new vote. Not one single vote has been, or ever will be lost. Not even ones for games I don't like. They are all safer than safe, once they are in my evil clutches.

I know five is a small number, and that it is difficult to narrow it down to your absolute faves. But the beauty of this thing is that you can vote again next issue, with a completely different selection if you so wish. Or the same ones again. Or four the same and one different. Yeah. You get the idea. Basically, I hope that the chart will be a dynamic thing, rather than a one-off set in stone 'ultimate' list. And I figure a top 5 is quicker and easier to do than a top 692. By all means, if you have a top 692, feel free to work down it five at a time.

Anyway, thanks again. The chart is looking very interesting.
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