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Ok, time for some update here I guess

Here we go :

A1000, 512KB Chip, 2MB Fast, DF0: Internal/External Switch
A500, Kick 1.2
A500, Kick 1.3
A500, 512KB expansion, Kick 1.3/2.04
A500, 512KB expansion, AlfaPower HD Controller, 1.3GB HD, 8MB Fast, Kick 3.1
3 x A500 for spare parts
A500+, 2MB Chip, Kick 1.3/2.04
A600, Kick 2.05
A600 in PC Desktop, 2MB Chip, 2MB Fast, IDEfix, 500MB HD, 4xCDRom, Kick 2.05
A600 Mobo spare
A1200 Desktop, Blizzard 1230/50, 64MB Ram, IDEfix, 2GB HD, 4xCDRW, Kick 3.1, HD Floppy
A1200 Infinitiv I Tower (just W.I.P. right now ) with Kick 3.1
A1200 Mobo spare
A2000, Blizzard 2060/50 with 128MB Ram, 20GB HD, Spectrum 28/24, VLab, A2065, MFCIII, Topolino, 24xCDRom, Kick 3.1, HD Floppy
A2000, Blizzard 2040/40 with 64MB Ram, 4GB HD, Domino Graka, Oktagon 2008-AT, Kick 3.1
A2000, 1MB Chip, 2MB Fast, old XT-HD Controller with 20MB HD and Kick 1.3
2 x A2000 for spare parts
A3000, Softboot Roms 1.4, 2MB Chip, not working
A4000, A3640/25, 2MB Chip, 16MB Fast, 40xCDRom, HD Floppy
CDTV with black Keyboard, black Mouse, black Monitor etc.
CDTV for spare
CD32 with 2 Honeybee Pads

..... and about 10 big boxes with spare parts
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