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Hahaha how stupid I was to own a bloody PPC!
Anyway what was that thread, I see everyone posted their stuff. Good idea, serves my ego well

A1200 desktop, ks3.0, Blizzard 1230-IV 030/50mhz, 32mb ram, 6.1gb 2.5" IBM HD
Plain A1200 desktop, 3.1Rom
Plain A1200 desktop, 3.0Rom - No keyboard (looks awful!) ps2 keyboard adapter
A600, kick 2.05 37.350, 4GB 2.5" HD, 2mb PCMCIA Ram (No it can't slow the 68k down)
Plain A600
A500 80MB HD, 2MB GVP RAM, +512 in trapdoor = 3mb in total
Plain A500 1.3 x6 (5 have 512k ram boards in trapdoor - one doesn't accept it)
Plain A500 1.2!!!
Plain A500+ x2

Several bits and pieces, action replays, kickstart switches, dead a500 boards, tons of a500 chips, +15psus, +20 mice +20 joysticks (9 of them are boxed comp pros!), ~1000/1500 floppies, 2 5.25" disk drives, 5.25" disks and other scary stuff!

won't be getting any more!

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