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Mi Amigas

Jeez, I have been through so many Amigas!

Currently I own an A2000@030/33 w/2 hard drives (2 gig & 350meg) and OpalVision card (absolute shite!). I have an extra A2000 in case mine ever dies (I picked it up for $100!). I have a box with 5 A500's in it, of various persuasions (one has 512C/512S, another 1megC, another with 512C only, another PAL 1megC/8megF,, I forgot!).

In the past I have owned three different A1000's, an A1200, a CD32, and all manner of hardware (way too much to name - everything from AAR's to Emplant!) I mostly stick with various 1084 monitors, but have picked up some other CBM monitors cheap in thrift stores, which I have since sold.

To this day, I have found nothing to compare with CygnusEd for text editing. On the PC, I have access to most every graphics app, but there's still so many thing in graphics that I can only do on an Amiga! (Does anybody know of any PC prog that will let you take a brush/image and fill an area on screen with it like you would with a paint bucket solid color?) And I still love Directory Opus, as well. And the CLI/shell - untouchable!
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