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Thumbs up Preparing an Amiga HD without an Amiga

Hi there,

I was asked this morning if there was anyway to prep a new HD on an emulated Amiga, and as far as I knew, there wasn't, but being the curious soul that I am, I decided to play - and guess what, it can be done, so I thought I'd post details here for anyone that wanted to do it themselves.

Firstly, you'll need a couple of things:-

A PC running Windows 2K/XP with WinUAE installed (Other versions of windows can't use native Amiga HDs with winUAE).
A bootable AmigaOS hardfile/PCDirectory, with a working HDToolBox on it
A full HD that you can trash the data on.

Once you're sure you meet the requirements, follow these steps, and you'll have a native AmigaHD, fully prepped without a real Amiga:-

i) Make sure that there is nothing on the drive that you want.
ii) Fire up AROS (from the CD will do) and launch the AROS HDToolBox
iii) Find the drive that you want to install as an Amiga drive and install it with an RDB (Check out the "Change type" option to do this)
iv) Once done, create a partition on the drive (A single partition for the whole drive will do for the moment - you will re-partition later)
v) Save the changes, quit HDToolBox and take out the AROS CD, then reboot.

Part one done

vi) Load up WinUAE, ensuring that you use a config that will open the GUI and not boot straight in to AmigaOS
vii) In the Harddrives tab, click "Add harddrive" - your newly partially prepped HD should be available. You will still need a bootable config as the first entry (PC Directory or hardfile - it doesn't matter)
viii) Once the system is booted, open a shell and launch HDToolBox with the DEVICE=uaehf.device parameter
ix) HDToolBox should now have the new drive available. Re-install the drive in HDToolBox (as if it were an unprepped drive on a real Amiga) and then go on to partition it as normal. At this point, you can use any Filesystem you want (FFS, SFS, PFS etc.)
x) Once the drive is setup as you want, save the changes, quit HDToolBox and reboot the Amiga (not the PC)
xi) After the reboot, the unformatted partitions should be available to format, copy your system to etc.
xii) Finally, after installing your software to the "Real" harddrive, open the WinUAE GUI (F12) and remove any PCDirectory/Hardfile entries that you no longer need, save the config, and then try booting it. Everything should be just the way you want it

I've tested on my own system, and it works like a charm. However, you should only do this if you are giving the entire HD over to AmigaOS (and don't do it on your Windows drive - else you'll lose Windows after the first part).
If anyone does try it, and is able to then test the disk in a real amiga, let me know how it works. AFAICT it should work without problem.

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