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That was what I was thinking, use IPF's where available... I can kinda understand what you mean about trainers, but personally (IMHO) I don't think that is worth all crack-tro stuff that comes with it. That is what cheat codes are for

Actually, wouldn't it be nice to have a hiscrore.dat like in MAME in WinUAE. I think this idea was rejected in the past because of so many different ADF's, but if you used IPF versions....

So, yes, I think using ADF's until you can source the IPF's is a nice idea.

Note that it is very unlikely anybody will be able to get a complete set of IPF's. Only about 2/3 seem to be sighted "out in the wild". Perhaps you realised by now, but we respect copyright, and cannot distribute them unless we know the person owns the game.

See here, here and here:

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