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Originally Posted by Runey
Information on the games is easy to come by.
Getting data is easy, but getting information (e.g. accurate and relevant data) is quite difficult. The Amiga is comparable to a wild west of computing; anything goes.

Here's a short list of mistakes that have been made (by me, the HOL and other databases):

1. Crediting An External Company As Directly Related To An Amiga Game
e.g. Escape From Colditz shows 'Gibsons Games' on the titlescreen, which suggests that it developed the game. However, Gibsons Games is a board game manufacturer and a creator of the board game that the Amiga game is based on.

2. Using Copyright Dates As Amiga Release Years
e.g. Often an Amiga game shows the original copyright date on the titlescreen, which can be the release date on another platform - Monkey Island 1 & 2 list the PC version release dates on the Amiga version (1990 and 1991 instead of 1991 and 1992).

3. Assuming That If A Company Is Mentioned In An Amiga Game, Then It must Relate To The Amiga
e.g. in the Amiga version of Erben Der Erde, The Dreamers Guild and New World Computing logos are displayed before the game, with a date of 1994. The Amiga version was actually released in 1995 by ReaLogic and Softgold.

4. Listing A Single Game With Two Names As Two Entries
e.g. Blue Max and Aces Of The Great War as separate games.

5. Crediting A Developer That Did No Amiga Programming As An Amiga Giant
e.g. lauding Sid Meier as Amiga programmer of Pirates!, Railroad Tycoon, Civilization etc. when other developers actually did the Amiga conversions (Sid probably never touched an Amiga in his life).

6. Misreading Evidence
e.g. suggesting that there is an Apidya II, because the titlescreen of Apidya shows a 'II', and thus propagating a rumour that there is a sequel (when there isn't).

7. Listing Unreleased Amiga Games As Released On The Amiga
e.g. Magic Carpet or a fake such as Buck Rogers II: Matrix Cubed on the Amiga.

8. Misspelling Names
e.g. 'Millenium' instead of 'Millennium', 'Akklaim' instead of 'Acclaim', 'Leathernecks' instead of Leatherneck.

9. Listing Games On A Hardware That Were Released Years Before The Actual Hardware
e.g. Listing AGA games in 1987 (yes, it's happened).

10. Listing Definite And Indefinite Articles Before A Game Name
e.g. 'A Mind Forever Voyaging' instead of 'Mind Forever Voyaging, A' or 'La Aventura Espacial' instead of 'Aventura Espacial, La'.

11. Misreading Words As Developers
Misreading the Polish text in a game and adding a developer for a word like "presented by".

12. Where Data Varies, Using An Inappropriate Value
For example, if an original comes on one disk and the pirate version on two, it would make more sense to record the original.
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