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Well a few weeks ago I got a Mega CD as well..

Here are the games I got with it.

Final Fight - This game is great on the Mega CD Ive been playing it quite a bit recently. Its a lot better than the Amiga version. Its goes for around £20 - £25 on ebay though..

Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure. - Havent tried it yet.

Road Avenger - 'Dragons Lair' type cartoon game. Couldnt get into it myself but the graphics is quite nice.

Afterburner III - This is good fun and reminds of G-Loc more than anything. Has got speech too.

Sherlock Holmes.. - Solve the Murder game. I have only looked at it as its not my thing but it has loads of speech.

I think Ive also got Fifa 99 and a basketball game plus one other but the name escapes me at the moment.

edit: last game I got was called Tomcat Alley.. Its another 'Dragons Lair' type game but a bit more interactive. Also has nice graphics - like a playable Top Gun.
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