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Firstly in my original post I state that ONLY the best available version will be used. There will certainly be a dat, but that's the least of my problems right now And finally there will have to be a GameBaseAMY update at every TOSEC update to add all the new games. Also the preferred version may changed if a better one is released later. If there are no new games or no better versions there will be no updates. Really the only items included in the update would be a modified database file and any new images / music. I guess at first there wont necessarily by updates every time TOSEC changes because there will always be pleanty of games to add. But once, if ever , we do catch up then the updates will follow closely.


Yes help has been fairly short but some people have e-mailed and are willing pitch in

I could almost cry about that HDD crash. OMG . I bet you probably did.

I would REALLY love to see what you have done so far. Especially the scripts and configs at the mo. One config is great I don't know how you managed it. I'm currently running 3 and haven't had any problems. I thought I could get it down to 2 but never 1.

I figured if I thought about how long it would take by myself I would never start. I was always hoping in the long run I would get some help. But the short run is even better

I'm about to go begging the the HOL team for the images they have collected. Information on the games is easy to come by. Music isn;t too bad either but it's split into dozens of formats. I'm sure they could do a better job of the frontend, but who knows when it will happen. Till then I'll keep working with GameBase.

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