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Some history on Gamebase.

Originally was a frontend for the commodore 64 only. Shortly after the Gamebase64 team announced a huge undertaking called the Gamebase64 collection I contacted James Burrows regarding a similar project for the Amiga because there was talk he was currently writing a frontend for the Amiga as well. Well, seems he handed the source over to a good friend of his who used the alias Hitoro.

I contacted Hitoro about doing a "Gambase Amiga" and we ended up partnering for a while with him coding the frontend and myself doing the database. Well, real life issues caused him to stop. However, at the exact same time James Burrows announced he was writing a frontend that could be used with any emulator. So, I became a beta tester and asked for features which I required to get winuae working with Gamebase efficiently. The end result is great. However, I lost everything in a harddrive crash. Yeah, I'm stupid for not backing anything up. No, really, I was 'kin stupid.

Anyways, I started over from scratch and the foundation of what I have created is better than ever.

Now, one thing I've never managed to find for this project was HELP. Could really never figure that one out but.. anyways, what I'm trying to say is I'd like to offer my services and any GEMUS scripts or configs you need.

This is one example of what I've been able to accomplish with gamebase. All games run from one config. I can change settings from within gamebase to tweak a particular game's settings. No lie, one config file. Anyways, let me know. The reason why I'm offering to help is because I know how much work it takes for a single human to finish something like this. Its quite.. impossible.

On a different note, I think an offline version of HOL would be the ultimate thing really. It is too bad the HOL team would not use something like Gamebase to create an offline frontend for hall of light. Knowing the talent from this board I'm sure they would rather code their own frontend although Gamebase truly is a nice piece of work.
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