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Originally Posted by Runey
I've looked at HOL and it is very impressive as is CAPS. However they seem to be databases purely for information purposes and not meant to be integrated into a front-end. Unless I have misunderstood the projects If either of those projects were to make the images readily available to me it would definately speed things up.
The CAPS database is not really meant to be a database with information about the games in general, but rather just information specific to those games that have been preserved. Everything else can be got from HOL.

Regardless of this, it *is* meant to be for including into a front end. You can get the datafile here: (

Note the filenames use a custom naming convension, partly because we don't have the information needed to conform to TOSEC. However, you can "make up" your own naming of the information available using XSLT.
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