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So far I haven't heard of any problems with copyright in regards to screenshots etc... Many other front-ends / databases do this and don't seem to have a problem, so hopefully I wont

I will not be making the ADF images available. Many people have them already or know how to get them. They can worry about the copyright issues to do with that.

I've looked at HOL and it is very impressive as is CAPS. However they seem to be databases purely for information purposes and not meant to be integrated into a front-end. Unless I have misunderstood the projects If either of those projects were to make the images readily available to me it would definately speed things up.

I'll check on the resolution change from 320 x 200 to 320 x 256. I was using 320 x 200 because that is what GameBase specifies. Not a problem to change it at this stage.

Just got a message from Eric Swartz and Amy the Squirrel is now the official mascot of GameBaseAMY

In a few days you will be able to download a trial version of GameBaseAMY. It will contain information on just a couple of games. This way everyone can have a look and see if there can be any improvements made before I'm too far in to change.

Thanks for your input.

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