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Still I suggest you to try a different word than "mainstream". Mainstream is something that can reach your 70yr old grandmother (regardless of her response to it) I define your use of word "mainstream" as a "categorizable difference between pr efforts behind game development projects" And it's normal that I don't know much about this private stuff. Not having been grown up on a western european country, my experience from late 80s may differ from yours. I'm saying there is a "scale" difference between the game industry in 80s and movie industry making us find more proper words like "mainstr" or "mnsrm" This doesn't prevent me from seeing your point. I'm beginning to wonder, maybe things you defined in the availability part were only valid in Germany. If that's so, members in that discussion build their arguments on uncommon things that others don't even know. Problems of an international forum!

We're discussing amiga/retrogaming and having fun. Why should the thread be locked? Especially after you're lured into the discussion and expressed your point too
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