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This thread has gone so far off the tracks it needs to be closed. Having a "I never liked this game" thread was a good idea in theory, but somewhere along the line someone has taken it personally and neither side will let it go.

I think Chaos Engine is a good game, nay superb game, in a completely different way than Gauntlet is. To say that CE is G clone is being very glib. G relied on fast and frantic shooting, CE relied a lot more on team work and strategy. (Before someone goes mental, I'm not saying G didn't have those things, just that CE relied on them more.)

CE's aim was to provide a well designed and very clever game that could be played in single player as well as two player without losing too much of the gameplay. That was not G's aim so I don't see how you can compare them other than a "I didn't like it" / "I liked it!".

Also, seeing how G didn't have a decent version on the Amiga the whole conversation is completely moot anyway. Is anyone really saying that Gauntlet on the Amiga was better than Chaos Engine on the Amiga? Well, actually I wouldn't be surprised seeing as it takes all sorts. But who cares?

The games that StarEye listed DEFINED the Amiga as a platform. It's like being on a Nintendo board and saying you always hated Mario. Or being on a Sega board and complaining about Sonic being overrated. Or being on a Spectum lover's board and saying that Manic Miner was crap. If you didn't like them it's sad that you missed out, the rest of us enjoyed them and StarEye's comments are valid if you put them in this context.

These aren't "just games that a lot of people liked", these are games that defined the platform while it was at the top of its game. It's a shame that more people here don't appreciate them for at least what they were: Original games we could be proud of! Not clones. Not remakes. Not sequels. And certainly not poor assed console conversions! They are games that say "Amiga".

So basically it's pointless to even argue about them, even in a thread designed to allow people say what they think.

It was a good idea, but this thread has gone bad...

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