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Mr Creosote: I disagree that there's no objectivity when it comes to games. Of course there is objectivity. In that case there would be no objectivity in art either. Neither is there objectivity in films nor music. In fact, I think saying there's no objectivity in games would render the word objectivity almost useless, because there is a certain objectivity in everything.

Because we all have to agree that a game with terrible graphics, worthless gameplay, incredibly low quality soundeffects and simply created just to make money is OBJECTIVILY a worse game than a game with excellent graphics (for its time), responsive controls and great soundeffects, don't we?

If objectivity didn't exist in games, then objectivity couldn't exist in sports either. No footballplayer could be better than the other. There is a certain thing called technical achievement that cannot be discussed, regardless of opinions. Either the game has responsive controls, or it doesn't. Either a game has great graphics, or it doesn't. Either a game have artistic quality or it doesn't. There are differences between games that really isn't discussable. The fact that you like it or not can be discussed, but actual true quality cannot be discussed.
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