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Originally posted by Burseg

But considering your first argument which sounds to me as -ce is in the same genre in gauntlet therefore bad- I'm pointing out that being in a same genre of a previous game doesn't make a game bad or overrated. Half Life is a FPS so is Doom. Half Life CAN be bad or overrated if the argument is good enough. Being in a same genre is not a complete argument.
Never said CE was bad because it is in the same genre as Gauntlet and that all games in that genre are crap or overated, or that any game from a genre is overated becasue another game following used that genre. I just think CE was an overated game, particularly in that genre and used Gauntlet as it was the first in that genre and I think better, especially considering how many years it appeared before CE. That's why a never really understood what all the fuss was about when I got to play CE. If CE was a much better game than Gauntlet and was as good as everyone at the time was claiming I wouldn't say it was overated.

Surely if games are in the same genre then previous games in that genre should be used as a benchmark. If Half-Life was raved on about like it was the best game ever when Doom was in fact much better then that would surely imply that Half-Life was overated.

I do agree that genre and clone are not entirely separable. I see them at two different points at the end of something akin to a spectrum with lots of 'grey' area in the middle. Most games of a genre will not be clones. Few games ever are as most games have quirks that make strategies etc different.

Originally posted by Burseg

In Turkey, we never saw game boxes or covers or knew ANYTHING about a game before we bought them because local mags couldn't review new games as fast as foreign mags and we didn't have fast access to foreign mags either. Also there never was an official gaming market here. We used to have pirated disks copied over in shops, knowing only the name. That was just it, then we used to go home and decide if the game was good or not, in our own pirated evil will I played and loved the FRENCH version of ishar 2 I played dune without knowing anything about the novel which I read later.
I agree. The role of expectations can play a big part on whether you think a game is good or not. Many of my favourite games on the Amiga were one's that I got hold and I hadn't read any reviews. When I first got Kick Off and Player Manager, two of my favourites I had never read any reviews and I still think they are classics. I read reviews and the hype surrounding the original Sensi Soccer claiming superiority over the Kick Off series and I was disappointed, because in my opinion it wasn't any better but worse. had I not read the hype my evaluation of the game might not be so harsh. Although already being very good at Kick Off also meant that I wasn't ever challenged by Sensi's gameplay.

Good games were always going to come up because the general consensus of crap games, would have been rated as crap in the first place.

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