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As the saying goes. One man's meat is another man's poison.

I knew some classics would come up; it’s the way it is. As for the debate. I don’t mind a little debate, but if you want to have full scale debate start a new thread.

I expect this tread is being monitored quite closely by the mods and I don’t blame them, the subject does have the potential to cause the odd crossed sword. I feel quite strongly about some of the games that have been mentioned so far, I loved them, but I was still interested to find out what it was that made them dislike my faves so much.

If we can just keep it on the topic then there won’t be any reason for this to get closed. Thanks to everyone (and I do mean everyone) who has contributed so far. If you want to keep your karma in line there is an under-rated Amiga games and also a quintessential Amiga games thread.

I started on a saying so I think I'll end on a saying. Live and let live.
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