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Creosote: I disagree on your disagreement about my disagreement. compare the number of entries and the complete timescale between hol and The difference applies to the money running on both markets and public interest. Lack of both in amiga market resulted as a non existing -mainstream- definition in amiga market. There can be hyped games before their release by the mags, that's a mistake of that specific press. You have point on LucasArts and Dune but isn't that a remote effect of the movie industry? We can't say this definition of mainstream belongs to the game media itself.

There are underground movies that can be actually good but can't meet the public because of mass produced crap aimed at people with average iq, taste, world view and education. In the amiga days, only games you couldn't instantly find in stores were local games or PD ones. This even didn't apply to my country. In Turkey, we never saw game boxes or covers or knew ANYTHING about a game before we bought them because local mags couldn't review new games as fast as foreign mags and we didn't have fast access to foreign mags either. Also there never was an official gaming market here. We used to have pirated disks copied over in shops, knowing only the name. That was just it, then we used to go home and decide if the game was good or not, in our own pirated evil will I played and loved the FRENCH version of ishar 2 I played dune without knowing anything about the novel which I read later.

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