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Originally Posted by Bombjacker
There is in Gauntlet 4 for the megadrive.
And that's another game, a clone that I don't know perhaps. There is difference between genre and clone. It's true that CE and Gauntlet are both 8 way shooters. But considering your first argument which sounds to me as -ce is in the same genre in gauntlet therefore bad- I'm pointing out that being in a same genre of a previous game doesn't make a game bad or overrated. Half Life is a FPS so is Doom. Half Life CAN be bad or overrated if the argument is good enough. Being in a same genre is not a complete argument.

From your argument about the differences between Gauntlet and CE making them uncomparable, I'm surprised you made the comparison between Shadow Dancer and Shinobi. From your reasoning: In Shadow Dancer you have a dog and therefore the tactics involved in depsatching enemies is different, and therefore makes the gameplay different.
Nope you don't think the way I do, which is OK as long as you don't take things personal.

Anyway enough of this stupid argument the forum is supposed to be about what games we thought were/are overated on the Amiga not a comparison between games thread.
Right you are
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