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Originally Posted by ant512
I consider games that I don't like to be bad games.
Possibly the worst idea ever. If I don't like a game doesn't make it crap, same goes for people, if I don't get along with someone doesn't make em a crap person, just not to my liking.

I'm quite shocked by some of the games appearing on this list, some of em are games I love, not because of nostalgia (well some) but a lot of them I've got into recently.

I personally loved playing Assassin, really enjoyed Zool (albeit not as much as some magazine apparently did), I love Alien Breed, and for some reason I really like the graphics whereas a lot of people don't (there was a thread on game graphics once, I think I was the only one to like T17's graphic style )

Now back onto topic... games I think are overated...

I think Xenon 2 was greatly overrated, it's a good game and all just not as good as everyone made out.

Shadow of the Beat 1+2 The first one was a visual treat but that was about it, very dull repetitive, unforgiving gameplay. Number 2 was dull as hell, was damn impossible. Number 3 on the other hand was the best of the lot, some good puzzles, excellent music (as always) and some achievable goals!

Magic Pockets A very dissapointing game from a superb software house. Shame on them. No idea why, it's just not fun to play.
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