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I disagree because amiga games were never a large "industry" that could be compared to music or movie industries that has the potential to reach the masses. Today's gaming industry is a bit like it but computer games weren't a common entertainment before the discovery of internet and therefore the average guy's discovery of the computer. We can't say there were "mainstream" amiga games because we'll have to define the ones out of the mainstream otherwise. When you opened a game mag you could see many games released that month, including the worst ones. Now can this happen with music or movies? There are good games and people who bash them to show how smart they are in their alternative means. I must ADD it's OK not to like any game as a personal preference. I don't like beast because of it's impossible gameplay for example but it's still an important milestone.

About the "clone" thing. Shadow Dancer is a Shinobi clone whereas other games which you move the character across platforms, you die in one hit and you shoot bullets horizontally like jim power AREN'T although jim power and shinobi I listed contain lot more relevance than Gauntlet and CE. You can play shadow dancer like shinobi but the gameplay comparison between gauntlet and CE is impossible. You can't play them the same way, if you think you can then you didn't understand at least one of them. In gauntlet, your goal is to find to exit and save your skin escaping from tons of other monsters. Unnecessary figthing will move you closer to death but in CE, you should examine the area carefully and find secrets for complete experience, as the designers intended. There are not zounds of enemies but the existing ones are deadlier. There is no character development in gauntlet. You don't make metres long walls disappear with a single key in CE, I can go on forever. The experience and the gameplay is totally different.
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