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Originally Posted by StarEye
Seriously, why the hell do all of you people like amiga anyway? I mean, looks like it's suddenly a sport attacking great quality games. How can games that defined the amiga, like Lemmings, Lotus, Sensible Soccer, Kick Off 2, SWOS, Speedball 2, Lionheart, Turrican, Chaos Engine, Gods, Cadaver, Rick Dangerous, Monkey Island 1/2 and so on even be considered overrated games? I'm getting my doubts about you people.

This thread isn't "overrated games". It's a "games I don't like and therefore is a pile of trash" thread.

And out of curiousity, do you feel better by stating you don't like a classic title?
I don't think this was well said at all - I do not see anything wrong with stating your opinions about games, even games that are deemed as 'classics.' Their status as classics is just a title, and should not make them invulnerable to criticism.

And as has been stated, why should we like and accept what is the mainstream view? I certainly don't. Do you simply accept the mainstream? Do you listen to Britney Spears and do what everyone else does? I hope not. There are enough mindless people out there who cannot think for themselves and who are zombies living off whatever is fed to them.

And yes, I did feel good about making those comments, because that is what a democratic forum such as this one is for. We are individuals, and we have the right to say what we want about a game, no matter how 'good' it is supposed to be, no matter how much hype is surrounding it.
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