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Why do people always seem to judge my posts as flaming posts? I was not flaming, but people keep flaming me back for my posts.

Also, why does everybody seem to ignore the "disclaimer" I usually put at the end?

I'm just shocked that suddenly the games that are considered among the greatest games ever suddenly is judged as overrated. I also explained in my last post that I don't consider games I don't like BAD or overrated. I just accept they're not my cup of tea, but I can see the quality in most of these titles.

And finally, I think overrated is the wrong choice of words. Most of the replies to this post is much more an answer to "which classic quality titles do you NOT like, that almost everyone else like?". It's not overrated. If it's overrated, a game must be considered bad by almost anyone but the press. If the press hypes the game and calls it the best game ever, it's overrated if about 99% of the gamers don't like the game.

That's what I meant. I have no problem with people not liking a lot of quality games. I myself don't like Rick Dangerous or Chaos Engine as much I like to, but I don't consider them overrated. I just didn't enjoy them as much as anyone else.

But I guess the term "overrated" is used in a lot more loose sense than it should.
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