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To quote Tim : 2. Fast Eddie (Vic20): This little nifty game by Sirius software is more a dodge'em up. Collect some goodies, avoid baddies and you will progress to the next level. Great fun!
3. Rainbow Islands (Amiga): I have a soft spot for cute games and this is the best of them. The shooting rainbows is the best invention since the powerpil in Pacman.
4. Rayman 1 (PC): A complex platform game with some really original twists. Great parallax bacjkgrounds, too.
5. Giana Sisters (Amiga): Everyone says this is a Mario rip-off but since I have NEVER played a Mario-Luigi game, this is my favourite game.

If Fast eddie is the game I think it is then yes that's a quite nice game, spent a long time on it too. I'm almost certain there's an Amiga version of that game which only updated the graphics and otherwise stayed the same.

As for Rainbow Islands. I really like that game. Why must it crash every time I attempt to play it? I get a red screen and then the power led starts to flash. From all the times I've tried in vain to play it (On my A1200 and on emulation) it seems to be when I fall down.

Rayman was a great platformer, Rayman 2 was just bad I think.

Giana sisters is indeed much like Super Mario games. It's incredible though. Wasn't the big N forcing the game off the market rather quickly because they thought it resembled a bit too much? Still a lot of people know the game because it's such a classic. And I like Giana better than Mario. You con't have to worry about your height in Giana, and somehow the gravity of movement seems more realistic.
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